Ultimate Guide for Where to Buy Xbox One

The long anticipated Xbox One is almost here! On May 21st, the Xbox One was officially announced from Microsoft. If you’ve been a long time Xbox fan like myself, you’re probably pretty excited ☺.

The Xbox One has a lot of unbelievable features and seems to be a surefire upgrade over the Xbox 360. Along with its features, comes a fantastic hardware set that creates the ultimate gaming experience.

Don’t worry you’ll hear all about the features later in this article. As for now, you can’t actually buy the Xbox One since it hasn’t been released, however pre orders are available at Amazon. Within this article you will find out where to buy Xbox One and much more information about the console.


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When is the Release Date?

The official release date of the Xbox One is November 30th.

Where to Preorder Xbox One: Guarantee your Xbox One on Release Day

If you want to guarantee yourself an Xbox One on release day, you have to preorder the console. This seems like pretty easy advice to follow, but with every major console release I continue to see thousands of people wait until the last minute – release day – and expect to go home with the console. Yes, these people are waiting in line, frantically searching online to see who has them in stock, or crying at home because they can’t get one. Please don’t be one of these people if you truly care about having one when it comes out.

Best Place to Preorder

If you decide to preorder there are a number of places you can preorder these systems. Some of these places include Game Stop, Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon. I personally like to stick to Amazon when I am preordering consoles and video games because you get the best price and receive your game on release day. This means you don’t have to deal with the hassle of standing in line or frantically running from each store to see who still has the console in stock. This also means you will receive your Xbox One on release day.

With Amazon you can always ensure that you’ll receive it on release date. Through experience, I feel Amazon is the most reliable when it comes to preorders. When not using Amazon, I’ve had some run ins with getting my preorders a day or two late and then not being able to have the console or game on release date.

Where to Buy Xbox One

As you already know from above, you can’t actually buy the XBOX ONE yet since it’s not out. There are quite a few places that you’ll be able to buy the XBOX ONE when it released. Heck, it’s all of the same places that you can preorder the console from. Keep in mind, when the XBOX ONE is released it will probably be pretty tough to find one if you haven’t preordered it. That’s why it’s important to have an understand of where to buy Xbox One consoles otherwise you may find yourself out one.

Buying an Xbox One in Stores

Of course you can buy the Xbox One in a store. However, I don’t really suggest this option because they are going to be tougher to find when the console is first released. With that said, I strongly recommend buying it online so you don’t waste your time and energy trying to find one. My biggest suggestion is to call ahead of time and ask someone working there. If it’s a small store you’ll get a direct answer. The bigger stores may give you the run around. Regardless, here are some places that sell the Xbox One. Keep in mind, a lot of these places also sell the consoles online.

WalmartWalmart isn’t a bad option. They are also pretty reliable. I like the fact that there are so many Walmarts. This means you have a good shot at finding one because they send a good amount of inventory to these stores. They are also restocking the shelves quickly due to their quick supply chain.

Best Buy – I am only listing this as an option because this is where a lot of people go to buy their electronics. Although you’re going to get the same price at Best Buy, just know there are lots of other people just like you looking for consoles and their first destination is going to be Best Buy. That means it’s going to be tough. This is one of the places that is notorious for huge lines come release day.

Game Stores – Game stores like Game Stop aren’t a bad option but it’s going to be harder to find an Xbox One at these locations. This is because a lot of people look at these locations and they actually get a limited supply.

Toys ‘R’ Us - Another hot spot for buying video games. This place isn’t as well known, but still a solid option.

Computer Stores – You’d be surprised at how many computer stores will also sell Xbox One consoles.

Toy Stores – A lot of smaller toy stores will also be selling the consoles. I like to look at these stores if I can’t seem to find the console in other places. Be sure to call ahead.

Coscto/Sams Club – This is a very under the radar place to pick up a great deal on video games and consoles. They have awesome return policies and tend to present packaged consoles with games that aren’t available for purchase elsewhere. Of course this is speaking for what they have done in the past. However, I would be sure to check this place out when the Xbox One releases.

The Best Place to Buy an XBOX ONE

Amazon is without question, the best place to buy for where to buy Xbox One. With Amazon you don’t have to deal with the fuss and hassle of finding these consoles in the store. Although it will be the same price as it will be in stores, you can almost guarantee that Amazon will actually have the console in stock. Furthermore, if you are preordering an XBOX you’re going to get your box on release day.

How Much is the Xbox One?

So now that you know where to buy Xbox One, let’s take a look at the question, “how much is the Xbox One?”. The official price is now at $499.99 when it releases. I would guess that this price will drop a little bit within the next 2 years. Possibly even sooner with stiff competition from the Playsation.

Featureswhere to buy xbox one

The features for the new Xbox One are absolutely ridiculous. Here are some of the major features you can expect to find on the Xbox One.

The New Ultimate Top Box

The new Xbox is pretty sleek and can be compared to a DIRECT TV box or any other cable box. Your Xbox acts as a set-top box. This means it will take the cable box signal and put it through the TV via HDMI. This allows the Xbox One to create an interface and present you with TV shows.

Total Control With Voice Control

Similar to the first generation Kinect, the Xbox One will feature voice control. This means that if you wanted to tell the Xbox to turn off or on, you can. Furthermore, you’ll be able to change TV channels, Apps, and more– all through your voice.

Connected Media

You’ll be able to instantly use and access games, live TV, music, and the web. You’ll also be able to use this media simultaneously. This means you won’t be limited to one application on the Xbox. Essentially, you can run more applications all at the same time.

Sleeker Controller

xbox one controllerThe new Xbox One controller is really similar to the XBOX 360 controller. There seem to have been
improvements made to the d-pad. No longer can you push down diagonally on it, but rather only four ways as seen in the photo. The biggest new feature behind the controller is the impulse triggers. Developers can program vibrations to occur in only certain side of the trigger depending on the situation. For example, if you’re being shot at in Call of Duty, depending on the direction the bullets are coming from, your controller will vibrate.

Improved Kinect

The beloved Kinect is back new and improved. The Kinect comes equipped with a 1080p camera and thankfully comes built into the console. The motion sensor can now process 2 Gbits of data in order to read its surrounding environment. This technology is some of the best we have ever seen.

Ability to Chat on Skype With Your Friends

With the power of Kinect and full voice control you now have the ability to seamlessly Skype with your friends over the Xbox One. This is a feature many have been looking forward to because it seems to be integrated so well.

Three Operating Systems

The Xbox One OS is pretty complex. It’s not just one operating system, but three operating systems. Working in unison there is the Xbox OS, Windows OS, and another operating system that allows the two systems to communicate.

Xbox Live Upgraded Servers

The Xbox Live servers receive another upgrade and now boast over 300,000 servers for the new Xbox. Why? Well, Microsoft plans to offer cloud storage in order to save games, saved content, music, and movies. This is very beneficial as us gamers will now be able to access our information at any time from these servers. This could be online or through another person’s Xbox.


So we’ve covered the features, let’s take a look at the technical hardware behind the state of the art Xbox One.

  • APU of 8 x86-64 cores
  • 8 GB of DDR3 RAM – memory bandwidth of 68.3 GB/s
  • 500 GB Hard Drive
  • Blu-Ray Disc Drive
  • 3 GB space for apps
  • 5 GB space for games
  • Graphics Processing Unit has 12 complete units for a total of 768 cores.
  • 4K resolution video output
  • 7.1 surround sound
  • Supports HDMI 1.4 input and output
  • No video output for composite of component

Xbox One Release Day Games

There are some great games being released for the Xbox One. With your knowledge of where to buy Xbox One, you’ll also have snag some games. Here are some of the games that are currently in development and we will hopefully see for release day:

  • Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
  • Battlefield 4
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts
  • Destiny
  • FIFA 14
  • Forza Motorsport 5
  • Madden NFL 25
  • NBA Live 14
  • Quantum Break
  • Ryse
  • Thief
  • UFC
  • Watch Dogs

No Backwards Compatibility

As with many other Xbox gamers, I am extremely disappointed that we will not be able to play Xbox 360 games on the new Xbox One. Microsoft would allow this if possible, but the Xbox 360 uses a PowerPC setup while the Xbox One has upgraded to an x86 architecture. So if you’re looking to play your Xbox 360 games, I suggest that you hold onto your 360.

Your Turn

I hope we’ve helped you figure out where to buy Xbox One and some more information about it. I know that I am extremely excited for the console. I really think it is going to exceed a lot of its high expectations.